Since 1939, Alex Feltz, the founder of "Feltz Lumber Company", started with a small sawmill business during the depression.  Like most entrepreneurs of the times, he mainly employed relatives, depending on work in what would become the depression years.  Eventually expanding, "Grandpa" Alex added planers and eventually molders.

Albert Feltz second son of Alex and Dorothy had dreams of his own.  Farming was in Albert's blood, but after returning from the Korean War, Albert and wife "Jean" changed directions and formed a partnership with Alex.  Albert became this most prominent land developer and home builder of Stevens Point throughout the 60's, 70's, and into the 80's.  He chose to retire, only to become a full-time "farmer"!

In the late 70's both son's "Peter and Thomas" became partners in the business, expanding the resale lumberyard business in the area, and promoting quality moldings to local builders.  Tom managed the office, while Pete kept track of the millwork production.


Once again in 1989, the company made a major decision.  The lumber company property had outgrown itself.  A new building was constructed to continue the millwork production a block down the street.


Our customer base includes (but is not limited to) large contractors, small business owners,and retail customers.


Our niche in this highly competitive business is to produce a high quality product, at a competitive price.  The key to staying a profitable competitor in this field is to offer our product with short lead times and stay personalized with each individual customer.


Keeping up with the latest technology we continue to make great strides.  Word of mouth has been our best-selling tool. 


Feltz Lumber

3737 Minnesota Ave

Stevens Point WI 54481